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......Girls & Boys Midnight Basketbal, Friday's only April 5 thru May 17, Gospel Lighthouse Church...... 2013 Spring Activity Schedule, every Tues Wed & Thurs ..... Check Activity Calendar for all Events.......

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"The Size of our Participants may vary but the size of our Commitment remains the same"


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This release is made to allow my child to participate in Dallas Police Athletic League Camps and its sponsored events. I recognize that my signature on this release is a condition of your permitting my child to participate. I agree that you may photograph and/or videotape my child during camp and its sponsored events and that you retain the rights to use these visual images in any manner you wish without compensation to my child. I further agree that you may use and license others to use my child’s name, voice, likeness, and any biographical facts which may have been provided to you, including advertising and promoting the camp and its sponsored events. I certify that my child is in excellent physical health, and may participate in strenuous and hazardous physical activities, including various sports offered. I certify that there are no physical limits to my child’s participation in the camps and their sponsored events. Permission is granted for my child to receive emergency medical treatment if needed. I hereby release and discharge the Dallas Police Athletic League., and all their affiliated entities from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action for personal injury, property damage, and / or other loss suffered by my child in connection with his / her participation in the camps and their sponsored events.

By clicking "Submit" below I represent that I am a parent / guardian of the minor named above and I agree that the grant and release contained therein binds me and the minor to all of its terms.



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